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Investment level:
$14,000 (Negotiable) + SAV


Miscellaneous > Green & Eco friendly

Private Seller Queenies Beeswax Wraps

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Queenies Beeswax Wraps is a small home-based business that makes and sells beeswax wraps through markets in and around Brisbane. It is established and profitable and suitable for one person.


$19,000 pa


$0 pa


$5,600 pa

Net Profit

$13,400 pa

Location Details

The business sells to markets in and around Brisbane. There is no limit to the region you can sell in. The business operates out of our home.


The potential is huge! Sales of eco-friendly plastic replacement products are surging. Every day we read about animals dying from eating plastic bags and microplastics being found in the oceans, Antarctic and in fish.

In the last 12 months, we sold at 30 markets. In the next 12 months, we have bookings available in 50 markets.

Everything you need is provided.

We presently do not sell online and there is an opportunity to increase sales exponentially by selling through our website, Etsy, eBay and Gumtree.


The business requires basic craft skills, but once you have the equipment and recipe this is no more difficult than baking a cake (but much quicker!).

We will provide all of the equipment necessary.

The other skill set required is market-style sales. Basically, you just need to be friendly and a good conversationalist.

We will provide 1-day training in manufacture and 1-day market sales training support so you can buy the business with confidence.


Flexible hours. Weekdays. Weekends. Evenings. About 12-15 hours per week.


There are no leases or commitments entered into.


The business is presently operated by one person working about 12-15 hours per week.

Reason for Sale

To realise the potential of the business we need to focus on growing the online sales and increase the number of markets we sell at, but the owner is an artist whose other business is taking off and she wants to focus on that business. We are reluctant to approach online without our full commitment and therefore would rather sell the business while it has this potential.

About the Business

Here are all the details about the business. If you have any questions please let us know.

Queenies Bees Wax Wraps was established in September 2018.

The business manufactures Beeswax wraps for sale at markets in and around Brisbane.

A Beeswax wrap is a food wrap material consisting of a coated fabric, most commonly cotton. It is made by infusing cotton with food-grade beeswax, rosin, coconut oil and jojoba oil. The wrap is mouldable, grippable and tacky. It can be shaped around containers or food products. Beeswax wrap is a reusable and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and single-use plastic. It has the ability to counteract environmental issues such as plastic pollution and food wastage.

The business purchases cotton material, cuts it into squares, then waxes the wraps using beeswax, rosin and jojoba oil in a small commercial oven.
We spend about 2-3 hours per week making the warps and sell them at markets in and around Brisbane.

The business has locked in a number of prime markets spots and has the exclusive position as the only seller of Beeswax Wraps at many of them.

We have the potential to sell at over 50 markets in a 12 months period.

Digital & Other Assets:
Commercial oven
Wax pots
Jojoba oil
Cotton fabric

Design files, artwork, logos

Square financial payments reader.

Standing market bookings and forward bookings

Google Business

Knowledge Transfer

- 1-day manufacturing training
- Recipes
- Product sourcing and vendor relationships
- 1-day sales training
- Market relationships including all forward bookings
- All websites and social media sites detailed above


We started Queenies Beeswax Wraps in late 2018. In the next 10-months, we sold at 30 markets. We have established a website and basic online presence but have not moved into online sales.

We have potential and confirmed bookings at up to 50 markets this financial year.

Markets Number Sold at 30
Deposits Paid $2,062.00
Average $633.27 per market


We make no warranty as to the future performance of the business. This information and these financials have been provided to you based on our experience.

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