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Ezyfit Doors sells Security Doors, Screens and we out source the installation Rollershutters and Blinds in Malaga for residential and business customers


$16,000 pm


$3,800 pm


$2,500 pm

Net Profit

$9,700 pm

Location Details

1/24 Mulgul Rd, Malaga
Malaga is on the corner of Reid Hwy and Tonkin Hwy , we are located in the newish area behind Bunnings , and service the growing Ellenbrook north suburbs and from the coast to the hills .


Ezyfit has huge potential for expansion , not only for the existing security screens as crime will never go away,but we also recieve many calls for timber doors , and we have the display for midnight anytime block out blinds but we havent even advertised for this as yet , these blinds are on our website and could potentially be a big DIY market for them , rollershutters are done by another company, so just sell them and the company will measure and install .


Being a security industry you will need to be licenced as a agent and consultant to sell security doors and screens , we have contract installers that are licenced to install, i will teach the new owners to measure onsite and the different security doors and screens.


Retail is open from 7 to 4, and during summer i go and measure up locally to customers who are at home by then.


unit 1 is leased until June 2025


There are no employees for the retail business as it can be run by husband and wife team .

Reason for Sale

i am unable to run both retail and wholesale parts of the business, so if i can just concentrate on the wholesale part and supply doors and screens to the retail business, i can help the new owners build their business but i cant run the whole business myself.

About the Business

Ezyfit Doors retail involves.
A Taking enquires by phone , email ( from forms on the website ), facebook and booking the customer in on our Service M8 system for a free measure and quote .
B Ability to measure for security doors, screens, rollershutters and do a in house quote or email later from the office.
C If they are going ahead you take a deposit and put into the system and send to the manufactures of the doors and screens.
D Once manufactured the job is booked in for installing, a contractor installer is given the job and they will pick up from Ezyfit wholesale and install.
E You ask the customer for payment on the day.
F With rollershutters they are roughly measured and quoted, if going ahead the job then goes to a reputable business we have used for 20 years and they take it from there.
G All training can be done by myself to the new owners for as long as is needed, as i am in the factory behind Unit 1.


Ezyfit was started in 1998 only for supplying Bunnings, the business was in Bunnings for 8 years before we made a decision to leave Bunnings and just concentrate on retail and mining. Obviousy this part of the business is not for sale, just pointing out how long and the name Ezyfit Doors has in WA.
We then built up the retail business here in Malaga over the next 17 years.

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