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Are you looking for hands-free, fixed and secure returns on your money?

About the Business

Are you looking for hands-free, fixed and secure returns on your money? With a minimum entry of just $15,750 + GST, the Vcomms modem lease-and-buyback contract provides 10-12% returns p.a. for 3-5 years.

What is a lease-and-buyback contract?

It is an alternative asset-financing strategy where a business sells operating equipment to the public to raise capital. The business leases the equipment from the new owners for a fixed period. At the end, the business buys the equipment back, usually for the same price. This arrangement allows the business to minimise upfront costs and the new owners/financiers earn great returns on their capital.

Who is Vcomms?

Established in 2001, Vcomms Connect is an Australian company that provides highly-secure network connectivity for specialised equipment to banks, financial institutions and security companies. An integral part of Vcomms' operations are specially-made, 4G wireless modems which enable this network for their clients.

With each new client or project, hundreds or even thousands of these modems are required almost immediately. Vcomms uses a lease-and-buyback contract arrangement with the public to finance these modems.

How does it work?

We help you purchase modems via a lease-and-buyback contract with Vcomms.
Vcomms deploys your modems to their clients' premises to generate the secure network.
Vcomms pays you a contract-backed lease fee every month.
At the end of your contract, Vcomms buys back your modems for the same price you paid.
What can I use a lease-and-buyback contract for?

Reduce business tax
Boost an SMSF
Pay off a mortgage faster
Grow savings faster
Generate income with paid-out super
What are the benefits?

Thousands of modems already sold to the public.
Minimum purchase just $15,750 + GST.
Claim ATO's instant asset write-off for every modem purchased (reduce your tax!)
Earn 10-12% returns p.a. for 3-5 years.
Secure your modems with Australian Government's Personal Property Security Register.
"I've been a Vcomms modem owner now for about 4 years. I've not had a single issue. One of my contracts reached full term and I had my initial capital returned only last month. VComms will remain part of my investment strategy. Highly recommend them for your consideration."

Geoff T, modem owner from Western Australia.
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