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Dogs on the Run has been operating for over 4 years. We have a highly recognisable brand and a strong reputation. We have a loyal clientele and offer heaps of potential for a dog-loving person.


$60,000 pa


$15,000 pa

Net Profit

$45,000 pa

Location Details

Canberra wide
This business is mobile and can potentially service all areas of Canberra.


Dogs on the Run is a highly recognisable and well-loved brand. Dog walking and pet sitting is a booming industry in Canberra and the business is extremely well positioned to grow and continue on as Canberra's premier dog service business. Our Facebook page has over 1300 followers and our website ranks highly in search results and has a clean, professional look. We ceased pet-sitting over two years ago, but continue to recieve pet-sitting enquiries and this provides an area for high potential.


You'd need to be a dog-lover, be prepared to walk dogs of all sizes and temperaments. You'd also need strong communication skills and a strong client focus.


You can choose your own hours. Our financiials look modest, but this reflects our choice to work part-time hours.


There are no leases, we work from our homes.


We've run this as a partnership with no employees. But there is huge potential to build up a staff base and grow the business.

Reason for Sale

This business has been our third career change. It can be physically demanding at times and we're both looking to retire. The business is poised to grow into something really big, but we'd both rather leave that part to someone younger and and with more energy.

About the Business

Dogs on the Run is owned and managed by Barb Grundy and Carolyn Kidd. We're both passionate about dogs and our philosophy has always been about giving each dog in our care a positive experience every time they're walked. We walk dogs for either an hour or half an hour, collecting them from their home and walking them in their local environment.

Our clients come from all walks of life, with one thing in common: they love their dogs and want them to have plenty of quality excercise. We believe that most dogs prefer their own space and are happy to explore their neighbourhoods, parks, nature trails and wetlands at the end of a lead, rather than being walked with several other dogs each time. This has been the difference between our business and many others - we don't walk dogs in packs and we don't just take them to a dog park and leave them to run around. We send our clients a text message after each walk and often take photos to send them or to post on our website and facebook page. This individual service has been one of the key aspects of our success.

We believe the business is well positioned to grow and expand, with a strong brand and reputation as a foundation. Attracting new business would not require a high investment in marketing because the brand is already so well established.

Our profile within the dog/animal communty in Canberra is well known and we have featured in several local media stories, the most prominent of which was the establishment of the ARF donation bin. This is a facility at Ainslie shops where people can donate dog food, bedding, leads etc which help dog foster carers all over Canberra.

Someone who is passionate about dogs and who has drive and energy, could grow Dogs on the Run into a viable business employing several staff and providing a valuable service in a growing industry.


When we established the business in 2014, we were both changing careers and wanted to do something that involved dogs. We had a public launch and the work started flowing in steadily. We did a lot of pet-sitting initially, but as the weekly dog walking side of things started to grow, we decided we no longer wanted to work weekends and holidays, when most of the pet-sitting is needed. We've had to close our books several times - our clients are extremely loyal and we've often had more than we can manage with just the two of us.

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