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Gary Cutcliffe
0411 885 588

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Kooler Ice & Water Vending Station - Dual Passive Income - Every Day of the Year


Kooler Ice water & ice vending machines dispensing ice & purified water. 24/7, 365 days of the year. Great cash business. Opportunities available! Australia Wide Licensee Distribution Agreement

Location Details

It is important that your Kooler Ice Kiosk is well positioned in a HIGH traffic area with great visibility for passing traffic, easy access & quick parking. VIP carwash, cafe, marina, pizza shops, coffee cafe, shopping centres, bakery & butchers.

Marketing Support

We’ve ensured that our machines are both attractive and eye-catching, and even supply optional lighting kits to help with visibility. Our team will help you with branding and promotional advice invaluable in the first few months of operation. When installing a Kooler Ice Kiosk to achieve the best Passive Cash Flow Income it is important for total access, parking & good visibility. This will give you a great lifestyle, 24-7 income all year round. We often get cheap rent for your site. You can run this type of cash flow business from a home

Training Provided

We want your VIP Kooler Ice Kiosk business to succeed, right from the get-go we are on hand to help. We’re here 24/7 with years of knowledge of the ice & water industry & we know how to identify the ideal location for your ice & water kiosk (it is all about location, location, location), and we know the pitfalls to avoid. We have got the formula right and will travel to you to find the ideal site for your Kooler Ice Kiosk. We guide you through the process and we help if a site lease needs to be negotiated to achieve cheap rent & site costs.


Each Kooler Ice kiosk features plug-and-play electronics - the most serviceable design on the market. Replacement of all components is easy, they just plug and play- no electrician or plumber required. Almost all of our parts are interchangeable in all of our Kooler Ice kiosks. (NOW THAT’S SMART!)
As you live in the town where you would like to install your Kooler Ice Kiosk.
Passive income and cheap rent as this is a part time cash flow business & easy accounting & taxation and bookwork.

Length of Agreement

Kooler Ice grants VIP franchisees an initial 10-year term with 2 x 5 year extensions.
Your territory is protected by the initial placement of a Kooler Ice Kiosk in your postcode of choice. 53% of existing franchisees own more than one machine. We currently have agreements in place where the passive cash flow income of the Kooler Ice Kiosk. We have agreements with real-estate offices, shopping centres, pizza shops, subway shops, newsagents, cafe & donut shops, takeaway marine & surf shops, petrol stations, hardware stores just to name a few.

Year Business Established


Year Franchising Commenced



• Conform to the NAMA machine evaluation program of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
• Are the only ice & water kiosk to carry the ETL (Intertek) label
• Were awarded the U.S. EPA Energy Star Award 2010
• HACCP approved in the AUS market

About the Opportunity

Rarely does a franchise/licence opportunity so suited to the Australian way of life come packaged as neatly as our Kooler Ice & Water vending kiosks. Aussies use ice all year round day or night; for parties, picnics, camping, a weekend away in the caravan. Aussies also buy expensive bottled water by the litre.

When you invest in a Kooler Ice vending franchise, your customers are able to purchase their ice and purified water at their convenience 24-7 using cash or cards, and the ice is automatically dispensed in to bags by the machines. There is no human handling or contamination of the ice or water.

Kooler Ice vending kiosks are the only kiosks HACCP approved for the Australian market. Now the new way of takeaway fresh ice and purified water is possible, the future looks bleak indeed for those unsightly padlocked pre-bagged ice chests.

Each of our models is constructed from heavy duty aluminium tube frame which won’t rust and are 100% made in the USA. They feature heavy duty, insulated bins which eliminate the need for refrigeration, lowering your costs and giving you a better cash return on investment.

As well as having the coveted HACCP approval Kooler Ice is a member of the Franchise Council of Australia and the Packaged Ice Association of Australia. Our machines are audited every 6 months by Kooler Ice Australia and the HACCP approval is audited annually.

No Staff, No Stock and No Inventory! Great Lifestyle for Passive Income

A Kooler Ice Kiosk vending franchise is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to operate your own business in your local area with dual income stream covering two markets - ice & water - with remote monitoring via your smart phone.

Our IceTalk app tells you every time a sale is made whether you’re at home, at work or just out and about enjoying life. Unlike so many other franchise opportunities, you don’t have to be present to make a sale. IceTalk will also show the stock levels of your bags (the only consumable), and will alert you should you sell out of ice.

Dual Income with Optional Water Vending Station!

Increase the cash revenue from your machine by adding the Filtered or Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water vending station.

Over 53% of our franchisees have expanded their businesses to more than one Kooler Ice vending kiosk - a sure sign that it is working for them!

Franchise opportunities are available for your postcode and in your local area right now also across Australia

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