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Harry Helper invites you to join his team to teach kids in early learning environments about their bodies, health, first aid and safety! Get what you need to start your own incursion business.

Location Details

Freedom to run the operations of your business from home, however bookings for incursions are run on-site at the children's service (child care centre/kinder).

Marketing support

You are purchasing the education and license to a childrens incursion program under the brand of Harry Helper - a trademarked character. The license fee includes national and international brand marketing plus resources and support for marketing your business to your local community.

Training provided

You are provided with online education prior to running incursion sessions. A 20-hour, self paced online program helps you to become confident in content, delivery and provision of Harry Helper incursions and provides guidance in business planning, goal setting and marketing. Our online group for licensed providers offers additional support, along with individual support provided by a team leader.


To become a Harry Helper Licensed educator you must have an outgoing, confident personality and be willing to learn about the early learning industry and children's learning. You do not need a health background but must be passionate about childrens health and development.

Length of Agreement

Annual License.

About the Opportunity

Harry Helper is an ongoing incursion program implemented into early learning services, designed to help children - learn the foundations that will allow them to independantly help themselves, helper others and keep safe.

After years of research and piloting the program in consideration of the child care industry, the Director, Nataly Tormey has developed the four foundations of helping that each child should learn.
These are;
1. Body Basics
2. Building Belief
3. First Aid
4. Safety

Each foundation of helping comprises of four incursions that meet curriculm and EYLF guidelines. As a Harry Helper Licensed Educator you will be provided access to these programs which includes guidelines, digital resources and resources for childcare centre and parents. You are completely supported to be confident in running these sessions.

Child care centres and kinder programs are our primary clients. They are excited about this niche program because it is unlike anything on the market and has been developed specifically to support centres to meet national standards and the expressed desire for children to learn about their health whilst at the centre.

Incursions are simply priced at $11 per child. Sessions are generally 30-45 minutes long and consist of 24 children. That is $264.00 per session. Centres normally book a min of 2 sessions providing the program to the 3-4 year olds and the 4-5 year olds. That is on average $528 for less than two hour booking! (pretty good right)!

Centres normally book all four incursions per topic. Therefore a child care centre becomes your client for ongoing bookings, increasing your income as a provider.

This opportunity provides you with access to our course, licence, program and support. This is $1495.00. You will have the freedom to book in the incursions at a time that suits you as child care providers contact our licensed educators direct. In addition to the license cost you will need to invest in printing and physical resources - this is considered in the $2000 start up costs.

The investment of $1495 allows the earning capacity of $15k.
We do not have areas like a franchise, however due to the growth of the childcare industry your ROI is high on your initial investment. If you would like more than 15k capacity earning you can apply for a full time license. This is suitable for those wanting a side hustle.

Harry Helper is a trademarked character, and a book is being published for distribution.
In addition Harry Helper 000 Hip Hop song is aired on Little Rockers Radio.

Year Business Established


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Harry Helper is a childrens trademarked character created on the foundations of research and collaberation of the childcare industry. When the program was developed the following was considered;
1. To meet EYLF and curriculm guidelines
2. Resources provided to centres to continue learning between incursions
3. To provide resources to the community of the centre (parents and carers)
4. To make strong social impact
5. To empower others to run the program as their own business
6. Merchandise opportuninites


Nataly Tormey the Director was awared in 2018 100 women of influence by Financial Review.

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