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Join Australia's unique solution for women 35 to 65. Healthy Inspirations offers a unique combination of proven weight loss system, one-on-one coaching, and exercise in a small women's only studio.


9% of gross

Location Details

Chermside Aspley Stafford Heights Geebung Kedron
The site location can be within the area that includes Chermside, Aspley, Stafford Heights, Geebung and Kedron. The ideal site only needs to be 100 to 170 sq metres. It's a low-cost open-plan centre requiring minimal fitout.

Marketing support

Healthy Inspirations makes marketing easier with weekly business support coaching. You get a pre-launch campaign, full range of marketing materials, bi-monthly campaigns, a free artwork localisation service, your own web page for enquiries and Facebook page for promotion, and weekly marketing report showing all centres. The key to successfully marketing a centre at the lowest cost is the franchisee and their team being willing to engage with the local community, using the systems provided.

Training provided

Initial training starts with a comprehensive 3 week induction for the franchisee/s at the Brisbane support office. This is enhanced with a private e-learning platform for the franchisee and their team members, which is constantly updated with any system enhancements. At launch there is also on-site training to ensure that all marketing, sales and service systems are running smoothly. Franchisees get weekly business support coaching. Each month there's a live webinar that focuses on business building.


A key success attribute is the willingness to learn and follow systems, and to have team members do the same. Each franchisee brings specific skills, prior knowledge and experience to add to their business. Some may have small business experience, fitness, health and nutrition experience, marketing and sales experience, or general administration.

Length of Agreement

The franchise agreement is drafted so that the term of the agreement matches the term of the site lease, which is held by the franchisee. This may be 3 years plus two 3 year options, or 5 years plus two 5 year options. There is no franchise renewal fee at the rollover of each term.

About the Opportunity

Healthy Inspirations is a unique business opportunity that fills the gap between two industries: fitness centres (that don't offer weight loss programs based on effective dietary change) and weight loss businesses (that don't offer a place to exercise).

Healthy Inspirations offers a unique combination of a unique weight loss program, face-to-face weight loss coaching and a range of exercise options - all in a small and friendly women's only centre.

Although small in size, each centre is big on results. Together, our franchisees have helped over 10,000 female members lose over 150,000 kilos.

Part of the uniqueness of Healthy Inspirations program is that it helps women lose weight - without hunger. This attracts premium fees so that a small centre can be profitable with a small volume of members. Weight loss can also boost member retention and referrals.

On top of membership revenue, secondary revenue come from:
> supplementary protein snacks that are sold in bulk to members
> personal training (optional) by the franchisee or staff
> satellite weight loss coaching clinics (in medical centres in nearby suburbs or towns)
> remote distance coaching

Healthy Inspirations is a great lifestyle business as it is only staffed weekdays 6am to 12pm, Mon-Thu 4pm to 7pm, and Saturdays 8am to 11am. Members get extra value from after hours 24/7 access to workout on their schedule. This frees the business owner to have the opportunity for good lifestyle balance.

There's a lot of communication and connection between the franchisees themselves and with the support office. Although you own your own business, you are not in business alone.

The target market for Healthy Inspirations is relatively under-served. They are mid-socio-economic women aged between 35 and 70, with a sweet spot between 45 and 60. They are at a life stage where they have some time and money to invest in themselves, but other weight loss options and other fitness centres have simply not yielded the results, support or convenience that they want.

Are you passionate about making a difference?

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The franchisors Jamie and Ellen Hayes have owned and operated 7 fitness clubs over 3 decades. They recognised the the most common goal for new exercisers was weight loss. In 2001 they established a pilot centre and in 2002 they opened the first franchised centre. The business grew quickly in Australia and New Zealand, and in 2010 they stopped franchising to refine the systems. In 2017 they did a brand refresh and have now recommenced offering the franchise opportunity.

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