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8 days ago

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FocalPoint Coaches are in demand! We are the elite in this industry. Are you a driven, experienced professional? Do you want to mentor, control your time, earn more? Of course you do! Grab our FAQ.

Location Details

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide
Over 2 million small-to-medium businesses in Australia to work with! FocalPoint Business Coaches work with sololpreneurs through to large organisations. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane areas in particular have high demand for business coaches.

Marketing support

FocalPoint coaches benefit from your own exclusive website, eye-catching marketing material, a Quck Start lead generation campaign and your own G-Suite management tools which will enhance your results.

Training provided

As a new FocalPoint business coach, you will dive right in with the initial on-boarding certification in Australia and then fly to sunny California for a 6-day training program. Expenses are included. Ongoing, our professional business coaches have access to 150 hours of training per year which is why they are leaders in this field.

After the comprehensive training, you will get your very own coach who will work closely with you to launch your coaching and training practice.


You must have at least 10 years of business experience, great communication skills, a willingness to learn and invest in yourself, a passion for coaching others and the strong desire to build and manage a successful business.

Length of Agreement

5+5 - no renewal charges

About the Opportunity

You may have seen the TED talk where Bill Gates says that everyone should have a coach. We all need feedback to improve. A coach helps you to see yourself as others see you. Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google) admits that he initially resisted the idea since his global business was growing so successfully but after he engaged a coach, he declared that “The best advice I’ve ever received is to hire an executive coach.”

All leaders have coaches: Being a leader is a difficult job which is why leaders engage coaches. Oprah Winfrey attributes part of the success of her media empire to her mentors. Tony Robbins has coached Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton and Serena Williams. Warren Buffet sought the advice of his mentor Benjamin Graham. Even those who are at the top of their industries, look to coaches to overcome their struggles, keep their focus, and stay on track. Have you thought about engaging a coach?

The value of business coaching:
Smart business owners and executives know that business coaches are essential in our fast-paced world. Studies show that 86% of businesses are underachieving. Executives are being asked to do substantially more with fewer resources. Today, the average person changes jobs 12 times. The average position lasts 2 years. FocalPoint business coaches work step-by-step with business leaders so they can move into the top 10% of achievers.

Thinking about being a coach?
If you have 10+ years of business experience, want to work for yourself and have a sincere desire to help others through a results-oriented approach, you could qualify to become a professional FocalPoint business coach. Our team of 230 coaches worldwide is made up of senior executives that have left the corporate world to use their skills to mentor others.

Why FocalPoint?
The FocalPoint coaching and training programs have been personally developed by renowned business leader Brian Tracy during 35 years of research and are proven to get results. You will find the “very best of” Brian’s entrepreneurial and professional development strategy in all our training and coaching materials. Brian’s business building tools, systems and methodology guarantee a distinct advantage!

Let’s talk! Andrew Phillips - 0418 500 721 or visit and grab our FAQ.

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Established 1986. Now in multiple countries. Founded by Brian Tracy - author of over 84 books and the highly-respected leasder in professional development.


5 MILLION GRADUATES worldwide AND GROWING DAILY. Some of the finest companies in Australia are utilising the product range. Qantas, Elders, Ikon, Westpac, and many small to medium sized businesses.

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