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Step straight into this turn key mobile home services franchise. Leather handyman, repairs, cleaning maintence is already in high demand in Rockingham Armadale. Invesments start from just $49,000.


$250 pw

Location Details

Rockingham and Armadale South West Perth
The Leather Doctor service is already in high demand in Rockingham/Armadale. This new franchise opportunity gives it's invester the exclusive license to trade within a very large terriory. The opportunty is large enough for a future subdivision

Marketing support

$3,000 worth of advertising and marketing is included in your invest-ment to kick you off. This gives exclusive benefit to your territory gen-erating plenty of jobs as soon as you start.

The Leather Doctor's national commercial clients gave $4.5 million in jobs last year to franchisees. There is already plenty of demand in Tas-mania and new opportunities to generate jobs are limitless.

Our professionally developed advertisements and lead generation are proven to be effective and they are available to you at the flick of a switch.

Training provided

The initial training program focuses on an array of amazing skill sets. Your first 2 weeks are spent at our training facility at The Leather Doctor head office on the Gold Coast. You'll learn techniques for repair-ing/colouring leather, vinyl and plastics. You will also be taught uphol-stery and fabric repair techniques as there is a strong demand for this type of work in the furniture industry. Once you arrive home one of our expert trainers will spend another week by your side to ensure you are able to apply your new skills on real jobs.


No experience is necessary. Our comprehensive training program equips you with the necessary skills to complete the work.

Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, including banking, IT, Tradesman, Sales, Postal, Mining Industry (just to name a few).

What matters is that you are motivated, and possess a willingness to learn.

You are never alone if you need help. You have expert trainers on call and a franchisee help forum which includes tips and tricks and a library of tutorial videos.

Length of Agreement

The Franchise Agreement are for 5 year terms which means they need to be renewed every 5 years. The renewal fee is $6,000.

There are low fixed ongoing fees and you won't get any nasty surprises in The Leather Doctor franchise agreements. We believe in transparency and full disclosure so you can make an informed decision.

If you like, you may receive a copy of The Leather Doctor Franchise Agreement upfront. You will simply need to make an enquiry and sign our Confidentiality Agreement.

About the Opportunity

Top franchisees are earning over $200,000 per year as a single unit fran-chisee. Some Franchisees engage help to expand using our contrac-tor/employee business models. These multi-unit franchisees are earning over $400,000 per year and still growing.

We sought feedback from The Leather Doctor’s current Franchisees asking them what they they most loved about The Leather Doctor. They told us the key benefits are:

* I control when I work
* I earn really good income quickly
* I’m now enjoying a better lifestyle
* I have very little competition
* My investment has grown significantly
* The on-going support is excellent
* I pay low ongoing fees
* I enjoy the work and it’s interesting
* I feel a sense of ownership

Franchisees are highly skilled in a very specialized industry. Income is earned quickly, giving franchisees the opportunity to achieve a desirable income/lifestyle balance.

Franchisees provide services in people’s homes, local businesses and also sell amazing leather care products. The initial training covers a wide range of very specific skill sets, however the majority of job types fall in the cleaning, restore or repair categories. Some typical jobs are as fol-lows:

- Leather lounge cleaning and conditioning
- Repairs to scratches, cuts and scuffs
- Recolouring worn or faded areas or revamping to a new modern look
- Replacing old and worn panels
- Foam replacements and internal filling of cushions for furniture
- Furniture frame repairs
- Sales of our own DIY Cleaning Kit - the best leather cleaning product available
- Repairs to stitching and upholstery

The Leather Doctor's work their magic on furniture, vehicles, boats, car-avans, jackets, hand bags and shoes. There is simply no other mobile service like them - The Leather Doctor truly is an essential service.

1) Commercial System. The Leather Doctor is partnered with several national retailers who employ our services to handle warranty and insur-ance claims. Our commercial system alone contributed over $4.5 million last year in sales to Franchisees. Jobs are managed using our unique custom built software that is very simple yet effective. When you join the team there are jobs already waiting for you.

2) Through local marketing and advertising by the Franchisee. Fran-chisees are able to utilize professional adverts and lead generation to promote their business and attract private clients. The Franchisor at-tracts private leads for its Franchisees through google, social media and the website.

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First Franchised in 1989, The Leather Doctor is truly a great Australian Franchise Business success story. Built on the support and comradery of a Father and his five sons.

Having built a great team, our success is attributed to our ability to adapt, innovate and the fact there is a lot of demand and very little competition.

Today we are nearing 70 Franchises across Australia. Our commercial system alone has contributed to over $4.5 million last year in sales to Franchisees, making us Australia's Largest Mobile Furniture repair network.


The Leather Doctor was awarded 'finalists' in the 2016 and 2017 Franchise Council of Australia's National Franchise Awards for the grand price of Franchisor Of The Year. The Leather Doctor's reputation in the Franchise community is exceptional.

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