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Occasionally we find a business that brings to the table a set of attributes that just makes us sit back and say why didnt I think of that!The hard work has been done, the basics have been mastered...

About the Business

Occasionally we find a business that brings to the table a set of attributes that just makes us sit back and say “why didn’t I think of that!”
The hard work has been done, the basics have been mastered and now the opportunity is ready to be developed even further.
Currently operating out of Albany in the Great Southern, Waxiwraps sits front and centre in this day and age of conservation and environmental responsibility. As we all know, food is anything but cheap, cue Waxiwraps, were a formula unique to this business takes a simple piece of material and changes it into something that will make your food last up to three times longer whilst maintaining its freshness. When finished simply rinse them out and dry ready for its next use.
So, in simple terms, lets save money and the planet by avoiding the waste we soften create from our fridge.
The business can be, as it is currently, run from home with the relevant approvals as there is no need for a shop front or costly rent.
The business has its own website (waxiwraps.com.au) where you can buy and have the products posted to you. The business has a loyal number of stockists with the final piece of the puzzle falling into place with a strong presence at a number of major markets throughout the State.
Waxiwraps was a very worthy winner of the Albany Chamber of Commerce Industry best “Home Based Business” award for 2019.
The potential for increasing sales in this unique business is vast with an untapped overseas market as part of the current owners’ plans.
Bring your creativity, your drive and your desire to be part of a range of manufacturers who are taking the environmental impact we are having on our planet seriously, but in a fun way.
The figures for this 4-year-old business show that the product is well accepted, wanted and needed.
Opportunity is a word that is so overused in business sales, but really there no other word that can be used to describe this business.
The owner has been passionate in their endeavours to bring this product to market but realises for it to reach its full potential it must now be passed on to new custodians.
Again, the key to this business is in its ability to operate just about anywhere, so if you live in the metropolitan area and are looking for that something different, meaningful and invigorating then please call Jeremy Stevenson from @realty for the full set of numbers.
Priced as a walk in/walk out sale.

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