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9 days ago

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Discover an extraordinary franchise opportunity with Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop. Join us in delivering the exceptional Tommy Gun's experience to clients while building your own grooming empire.

About the Opportunity

Joining the Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop franchise is more than just an investment; it's an opportunity to be part of a brand that's revolutionising the barbering industry. Our franchise model offers a unique blend of flexibility and growth potential that accommodates your entrepreneurial aspirations. Whether you envision owning a single-site franchise or expanding your portfolio to multiple locations, our brand welcomes diverse ownership models. We understand that your goals and resources may vary, and we're here to tailor an opportunity that suits your vision.

The Tommy Gun's franchise family accommodates the individualist seeking one location and the visionary aiming for growth. At the core of our opportunity is the chance to deliver an innovative grooming experience.

Tommy Gun's is more than a barbershop; it's a destination that embodies relaxation, precision, luxury, and affordability. As a franchisee, you'll have the privilege of introducing clients to a new standard of grooming services. Our immersive, customer-centric approach ensures that each visit is not just a haircut but an exceptional experience.

When you invest in a Tommy Gun's franchise, you inherit the strength and
reputation of a brand that has been at the forefront of the grooming industry for over
a decade. We've earned trust through our consistent commitment to excellence. Our
loyal customer base knows us for delivering top-notch grooming services, and you'll
benefit from this established recognition. Joining our franchise family means you're
part of a respected brand with a proven track record.

Benefits of Owning a Tommy Guns Franchise:

1. Distinctive Barbershop Environment: Our barbershops blend the charm of classic character with cutting-edge technology.
2. Unrivalled Product Range: As a Tommy Guns franchisee, you'll have access to
a diverse and expansive product line.
3. Strategic Marketing: Our marketing prowess amplifies your franchise's
4. Cutting-edge Technology: Efficient operations are the backbone of any
successful business.
5. Dedicated Operations Support: Each Tommy Guns barbershop is assigned a
dedicated Shop Support Manager. This guru is your partner in mastering operational
intricacies, optimising business performance, and controlling costs. They're on hand
to ensure that your in-shop efficiency remains at its peak.
6. Global Scale and Rapid Expansion: By joining Tommy Guns, you're not merely investing
in a business – you're investing in a legacy of confidence, authenticity, and

Marketing support

Tommy Gun's has your back when it comes to marketing. We provide comprehensive
support to help you promote your barbershop and attract clientele. Our marketing
assistance includes proven strategies for online and offline promotion, brand assets,
and guidance on effective local advertising. You'll benefit from a well-established
brand that resonates with our target audience.

Training provided

At Tommy Gun's, we believe in setting you up for success from day one. As a
franchisee, you'll receive comprehensive training in all aspects of running Tommy
Gun's Original Barbershop. Our expert team will guide you through our proven
systems for grooming services, customer experience, and business operations. You'll
also learn how to manage and lead your staff effectively.


As a Tommy Guns franchisee, you'll embrace our values of respect, relentless
customer focus, personal and professional development, and genuine camaraderie.
No prior industry experience is needed to become a Tommy Gun's franchisee. What
we value most are the skills and attributes that successful franchisees typically

● Entrepreneurial Spirit
● Leadership
● Customer-Centric Focus: Providing exceptional customer
● Passion
● Adaptability: The willingness to learn and adapt to our proven systems.

Length of Agreement

5 + 5 years

Year Business Established



Tommy Guns traces its roots back to a revolutionary start in 2009, opening its first
barbershop in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. What began modestly has now grown into
a global network of over 90 barber shops across different continents.

Tommy Guns made waves in Australia in 2016 with the inauguration of its first shop in Carindale, Queensland.

With a collective hair care experience exceeding 50 years, Tommy Guns signifies not only a brand but also a legacy of grooming excellence.

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