Earn up to $150Kpa and help others with your own Business Coaching Company

29 days ago

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Your own business coaching company gives you the work/life balance and a great income. You get individuall mentoring included and the option to have all your leads provided.


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Marketing support

Getting leads is important in any business but most business owners hate marketing and often rely on word of mouth.
We use advertising on social media to ensure that business owners that want help, come to us.

Everything is measured so that you will know what a lead costs, what a customer costs and what that customer is worth to you. Better still, you have the option for all your marketing to be carried out for you and your leads delivered straight to your inbox.

Typically, you might get between 10 and 40 leads per week.

Training provided

You will not only receive a full copy of the Profit Mechanics system for your business but also one on one weekly mentoring to help you build your business easily and quickly. The mentoring will last for as long as you need it.


You will ideally have a background in business, sales or marketing and be good at building relationships with people

Length of Agreement

The agreement is ongoing with no fixed term and therefore no renewal fees

About the Opportunity

Most Business Coaches are simply sharing their knowledge with clients. This opportunity is different.

Here’s how it is different for you:

• We have created a unique business system to support your coaching. Using video, audio, written notes and done for you templates. We have called it Profit Mechanics and it is 12 modules, each covering a different area of business. This means that rather than you having to come up with the material to share with your clients, we have already done it for you. This will give you a massive edge over your competitors and save you a huge amount of preparation time.

• You will get one on one mentoring from us each week for as long as you need it to help you quickly build up your business and avoid the mistakes.

• You will be able to use Skype with many of your clients, saving time and travelling.

• An average customer is worth $15,000 over a year, so just 12 clients (working with them 12 hours per week) will give you revenue of $180K

• You get two professional customised videos provided for your marketing

• There is no cold calling involved as clients come to you asking for help. We even have an option where we will provide all the leads for you!

• At just $8995+GST this is one of the best value opportunities you will find.

• There are no ongoing costs - you can purchase a copy of the Profit Mechanics system to supply to your clients for just $1000+GST as and when you get a client.

• You are not restricted to an area and can trade anywhere in Australia

The market is huge – 2 Million businesses in Australia with 97% of those employing 20 people or less

Here’s how Profit Mechanics is different for your clients

• It is more cost effective

• Your clients have the complete Profit Mechanics system provided as part of their coaching – giving them resources that would have been unimaginable.

• We take away all the risk to them working with you, using our tried, tested and proven 3 step system. This makes it very easy for them to decide to work with you.

So imagine, one year from now, having your own, easy to run, profitable business with an income in the top 3% and lifestyle to match.

We can only work with so many clients ourselves and so our passion is building up a team of successful Business Coaches , who with the Profit Mechanics product will make a difference to the profitability of small businesses across Australia. It's a win/win for everyone.

Year Business Established


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We launched the business in 2010 and currently have 15 Business Coaches across Australia. We are aiming for 30 and then we will be franchising this in the UK next year.


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