COMMERCIAL POOL WITH RESIDENCE ON 1783 m2 - in the Redlands, Queensland.

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Private Seller Eldridge Swimming School

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This is a commercial pool (comprising 2 pools - one large 20m X 6m and a baby pool 6m X 4m.) Business includes freehold 4 bedroom house on 1783m2.

Location Details

The swim school is located in Thornlands on Moreton Bay, 30 km from the Brisbane CBD. Like the rest of the Redlands, Thornlands is currently experiencing substantial poplulation growth.


Beacuse the current owners have been transitioning into retirement, swim school enrolments have reduced over the last few years. However, given the location of the pool, the size of the pool, and the reputation of the business, these numbers are ready to be substantially increased.


Experience in operating a swim school would be an advantage, however the business would also suit anyone wanting to operate a business where all instructional sessions are outsources to qualified instructors/therapists.


Flexible hours of operation.


The property is freehold.


The pool is currently operated by the owners.

Reason for Sale

After 46 years of operating the business, the owners are retiring.

About the Business

The business is one of ten commercial pools that services the Redlands in QLD. It has operated for more than 40 years and serves a loyal clientele. However with the ever increasing population in the area, the demand for learn to swim classes, squad training and private therapy sessions is increasing at a steady rate.

Since opening in the late 1970's, the school has offered:
1. Learn to Swim Classes
2. Squad Training
3. Scuba Training - the big pool is 2.5m deep
3. Therapy sessions - including access to therapy rooms
4. Private swimming sessions
5. Adult learn to swim
6. Activity Sessions for retirees
7. Swimming carnivals

Currently operated by the owners, they have reduced their contact time to 20 hours a week. This reduction in hours is reflected in the revenues. However, this reduction also unlines the potential of the business.


The swim school began operating in the 1970's and offered instruction in fun and safe swimming techniques. The school welcomed babies , pre-schoolers, those recovering from an injury who required therapy and rehabilitation as well as people looking to improve their health and wellness. The business used instructors who were well-versed in all levels of swimming and highly-skilled teachers. Later, the swim school expanded from these initial beginning to incorporate scub-diving instruction.

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