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Clean House Home Services

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* Business kits to get you started in the Cleaning & Services industry. * Get your own business logo, website, P&P manual, Business Documentation & full training. * Go Part time or Full time.

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No restrictions on territory or areas you can work in.

Suitable for operation in any Australian Capital City or Major Regional centre.
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This business model has serviced thousands of clients in domestic & commercial settings over the last 20 years. It is a completely scalable business that has the flexibility to operate as a one person outfit to begin with, or for as long as you like.
With the potential to become as large as your ambition is to succeed as an employer and manager. I myself operated alone for the 1st 6 mths. Within 3 years I had 18 staff directly employed. Steadily evolving to a team of employees & contractors directly engaged numbering 24 individuals. Scale up!


If you can be shown how to reliably & cofidently hold down a job working for other people.
You can be shown how to run your own business.
Learn how to do more of what works for you & less of what doesnt.

Enjoy the freedom of running your own schedule. Choosing your own clients. Working where & when you want to, & on what. Build a secure part time or full time income working around the people you need to be there for. I havent missed a school pick up, drop off, dinnertime or birthday since I left corporate life 20 yrs ago. Dont miss out.


Admin team work Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm. Field staff operate on clients premises at times mutually agreed to.


Alternative to expensive franchises.
No ongoing fees.
No Franchise or lease agreements.
This is your business.


Go PART TIME or FULL TIME. Learn how to work as a single SERVICE PROVIDER building a run at first. Then be trained every step of the way through growth as a multi service CONTRACTOR and finally into an EMPLOYER managing multiple teams at once.

Reason for Sale

This tried and tested business model has served my clients, my family & my lifestyle exceptionally well over the last 20 years of its development. I've been "working from home" running a "lifestyle business" around my loved ones & the customers I care about most, since before all that became an internet meme.

Due to the many issues there are around reaching retirement age. I have decided it's time to share the benefit of all that experience & knowledge with the rest of Australia. You to :0)

About the Business

The demand for GOOD PEOPLE who can deliver QUALITY cleaning & general maintenance services in homes, offices, commercial premises, churches & other religious centres, schools, sporting facilities & infrastructure generally across the economy in Australia, is almost limitless.

These GOOD PEOPLE are so sought after by clients, that the demand for their work is only limited by their own imagination & their willingness to follow up on customer requests & deliver the services they have promised to deliver.

Customers want reliability & genuine care about the service needs they have. They want people they can trust. People they feel safe with on their properties. People who can communicate their clear intention to do what they say they are going to do.

If this sounds like you. Then there is nothing in Australia that can hold you back from making a successful business out of delivering the service that you want to provide.
You will make all the money & get all the time freedom you are seeking in return.

The ready to go business kits offered by CLEAN HOUSE Home Services are based on CLEANING SERVICES. Thats because CLEANING SERVICES WORK is the easiest type of work to find & the most constantly reliable source of regular income work. However the kits can be adapted to suit any service business type that appeals to you. We have 6 main divisions. Even so, come up with one we havent ventured into yet and we will definitley help you set that up.

Cleaning is demanded like clockwork on a regular basis. So it makes sense to establish your business in CLEANING first. Then branch out once you have a secure customer base. It doesnt matter if it is a hot summer day outside. You will be inside working with the airconditioning on. Or if the wind & rain are sending down a freezing torrent in the middle of winter. You'll be working inside with the heater on just right.

CLEANING will always be needed. Dirt is perpetual. The seasons will never dictate when, how often or where you work. Other services like GARDENING, PET CARE & HOUSE PAINTING can sometimes be affected by the weather. Not CLEANING. Even if no one uses a building, the dust still settles & maintenance will be required to keep the premises looking ship shape.

Learn how to target, quote for service at high income rates. Position yourself as a preferred service provider in the NDIS. There is massive growth in demand for CLEANING & other HOME SERVICES in privately owned homes & commercial premises. The aged care sector alone in Australia is growing massively & the need for good people is endless.


Successfully operating business model over 20 years. Employed in excess of 100 staff over that time and have provided thousands of quality hours service to clients in the domestic and commercial sectors. All over Melbourne and parts of regional Gippsland Victoria. Schools, Retail shops, Major shopping centres, Factories, Warehouses, Offices, Religious centres of various denomination and of course domestic homes. From farm houses to high rise inner city dwellings. This business system is tried and tested.

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