Callington Quarry - Mine Tenement. 121HA, 300 acres (approx.)

15 days ago

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Located just south of Callington and very near the main Interstate South Eastern National Highway Link, embracing the present and future Transport and Rail Hubs.

Location Details

Lot 22 Samuels Road

About the Business

The following has been extracted from Harvey, WG 2010. Hardrock extractive Mineral for Metropolitan Adelaide, strategic review. Summary version South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Resources Report Book 2010/00019.
- The trend for increased production and significant growth is predicated in areas of Cambrian age (Kanmantoo Group).
- More importantly this mines rock category is Metasediment, Geological rock types Metasediment, grey wacke with the highest versatility level of A1 product, that product is based primarily on the degree of flexibility for use which in turn related to their quality.
- A1 AGGREGATES are identified as having a suitable level of (PAFV) (Polished Aggregate Friction Value) and (PSV) Polished Stone Value.

In terms of minerology, to have a composition which will give the stone a sufficient resistance to abrasion by trafficking to prevent the road surface particles from rounding; consequently, the particles retain their angular, crushed form.
Stone from this type of source is suitable for:
- All road sealing conditions
- For concrete aggregates
- Road base products (may also require small percentages of additives)
- Rail ballast and rip-rap
- Building stone – Residential and Commercial
- The current total South Australian Acknowledge Reserve of the whole resource; whilst there are other factors, the constantly increasing trends, of a depletion of the total resource will probably occur the next 40 and 50 years.
- Increases in future haulage costs will certainly favour this mine, not only given its location from Metropolitan Adelaide, also given the fact that this premium location is just off the National Freeway and Rail Hub.
- Adequate buffer zones, both visual, distance from neighbours, and potential noise factors are also highly favourable, to this mine site. Future Urban Development whilst favouring the location of the mine, will not however, (on balance) impinge on its ongoing tenement extraction of hard rock materials.

Other points of interest
Power has been extended onto the site.
The bore is quoted at 126 metres deep with a test of 30 litres/sec (10,000 gallons/hr) and 1.600 ppm total salts.
The existing weighbridge is 60 Ton.
A septic system is in place, currently with a small office amenity.
There are two dams on the property, further expansion will take in two more silt dams.
Re-vegetation has commenced with approximately 6,000 trees.
There are two significant areas for top soil extraction/sand pits.
Mining Royalties can be applied if land is leased.

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