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A lean start up cost & no franchise fees, Beds R Us is the exclusive stockist for Australia's largest mattress manufacturer Sleepyhead. 80+ stores nationally, 25yrs proven history & rebate benefits.

Marketing Fees

$365 pm

Location Details

Our team will work with you to either enhance your existing business or to find a location, negotiate the lease & design your store. Our goal is to help you make the most of your location, with formats for large, traditional & Pop up style stores.

Marketing support

We are committed to the success of our members. We invest product rebates & brand fees into national & local area marketing. Annually there are over 12 developed marketing campaigns reaching consumers through digital, television, radio & printed channels. Content for local marketing is available & updated monthly.

We continually invest & improve our online footprint, providing members with dedicated support on the Beds R Us website.

Become part of our network & gain all the tools necessary to build brand awareness and grow sales.

Training provided

We believe that training & support are critical to success.
Members of the Beds R Us network are run through an induction program to give you the tools to independently operate your store, including a tour of the Sleepyhead factory in Queensland where you'll learn all about the manufacturing process.

Ongoing training is provided to enhance product knowledge, merchandising, marketing & sales. Our online members portal is home to operation manuals & toolkits as reference to Beds R Us best practices, plus day-to-day help from support office.


We're committed to ensuring consistency across our licensee network & to maintain a successful service experience with all licensees. The Beds R Us network consists largely of independent bedding retailers who joined to enjoy the benefit of a successful brand, though if you are an individual with professional experience who is seeking to work for yourself, you can benefit from our lean startup structure. Beds R Us is proud to have successful members in our group who started out as bold investors & are now running a profitable operation.

Length of Agreement

Either the Licensee or the Licensor may terminate a Licence and all of the rights of the Licensee under an agreement on 2 months written notice to the Licensee.

About the Opportunity

Beds R Us is accepting applications for members to join our network across Australia, with opportunities for natural leaders who can take charge and add their own personal flare to the business. With more than 80 sites nationally and over 25 years of successful operations in Australia, the Beds R Us brand also maintains a strong presence throughout New Zealand placing us among the largest independent bedding furniture retailers in Australasia.

The Beds R Us Australia Licensee network is built on a unique model that presents many opportunities. Our relationship with Sleepyhead; Australia’s largest manufacturer of mattresses, equips you with an unmatched range of product. For over 80 years their commitment to research and development has produced ‘world first’ innovations. Award winning brands such as SwissTek are supplied exclusively to Beds R Us, providing our members the competitive edge.

Members receive extensive product training and support for the Sleepyhead product range through our supplier network. Our support office supplies and advises on marketing and merchandising for your local area, while members benefit from the collective experience of the network to save both time and money.

As a cooperative and buying group our Licensees can gain benefit from higher margins and a rebate advertising structure, you'll also have access to our extensive supplier network and can leverage those relationships to economise your operations. These incentives give members the autonomy and flexibility to grow their business under the strength of a reputable and proven brand.

The national office will provide you with market intelligence and recommendations on local area marketing and initiatives. From site selection and store format to supplier relationships and retail management, every aspect of the business is given due consideration. The combination of setup, merchandising, training and distribution are standout benefits of this opportunity, enabling you and your staff to offer customers the best product and experience possible.

A large part of the Beds R Us network consists of independent or existing bedding retailers who came on board to gain the benefit of a cooperative and buying group, while we are proud to have successful members who started out as bold investors and are now running a profitable operation as part of an international group. If you are an individual with professional experience or seeking to transition from a corporate role into working for yourself, you can benefit from our lean startup structure.

Year Business Established


Year Licensing / Distribution Commenced


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Beds R Us commenced trading in NZ in 1990, before moving into the Australian market in 1992. Our core supplier Sleepyhead, established in Auckland in 1935 & later opening several factories in Australia, have led the mattress market for 80 years using quality Australian components. In 2019 more than 80 Beds R Us stores Australia-wide remain completely locally owned and operated. Through extensive retail experience and industry knowledge, the group has successfully maintained a position of as a leader in product, price & customer-centric service.

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