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Are you passionate about working with parents and have a background in health? This is a perfect busniess opportunity to combine your passion and knowledge and teach new parents Baby First Aid.

Location Details

Freedom to run the operations of your business from home, however bookings for baby and child first aid sessions are run at a public location or privately in parent's homes. Information sessions are two-hours long.

Marketing support

You are purchasing the education and license to run baby and child first aid sessions under the brand of The Parentmedic Movement. The license fee includes national and international marketing and you are provided with the support and resources to market yourself to your local community.

Training provided

You are provided with online education prior to providing sessions. This is a 20-hour, self paced online program that will help you become confident in content, delivery and provision of baby and child first aid in addition to business planning, goal setting and marketing. You are also supported with an online group for licensed providers, in addition to a team leader in your state.


To become a baby and child first aid educator you must have an understanding of health and the body, we invite health professionals for a broad range of backgrounds to apply. You do not need education experience. Our online course and support will help you become confident in delivery. However, you must be passionate and 100% apply yourself to be the best educator you can be and really help parents in your community.

Length of Agreement

Annual License.

About the Opportunity

The Parentmedic Movement services new parents who have children 0-4 years of age. Parents book in two-hour information sessions in baby and child first aid. Parents choose to book in with The Parentmedic Movement as the brand has a strong reputation for all educators being up to date in childrens health recommendations, parents knowing that when they book with a Parentmedic Licensed Educator that you have completed our course, and are supported to be a high quality provider in the industry.

The parents that book in our sessions are middle income earning families who would like the opportunity to learn what to do if their child is sick of unwell, and where to seek help. The aim of the sessions is for parents to learn, when to get help (red flags), where and what to do in the mean time based on current recommendations.

We value not only providing education, but being a community of passionate educators. It is the role of The Parentmedic Movement to empower those with knowledge and passion to teach their local community, and provide the business support and resources to easily do so.

Our educators take 100% of profit, and set their pricing on a local level. Our program aims to be affordable and accessible. Based on 2018 data, active educators on average ran 1-4 private sessions a month, at the average cost of $50pp and average of 8 people attending. This is $400 income for a two hour session.

A good opportunity for somene who wants a side hustle, alongside parenting, study or lifestyle changes. Freedom to book sessions in that a time and day that suits you as our consumers are directed to you to book in.

As a licensed product, not a franchise you do not get an 'area'. In saying thise we do not competed with other providers, and work as a team. There is no need to compete as the opportunity has low investment the ROI is high.

You do need to purchase your own equipment, however to keep this opportunity affordable we have kept the equipment purchase requirements low. You will require up to $500 for equipment.

The Parentmedic Movement provides an opportunity to gain the education, support and business resources to start a business that really does make impact to people's lives.

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The Parentmedic Movement is in partnership with Sudocrem and provides education at The Pregnancy Baby and Childrens Expo. The Director of The Parentmedic Movement, Nataly Tormey is a Registered Nurse and has a decade of First Aid Education experience. The Parentmedic Movement model has allowed more people to teach, which results in more people learning. It is a social enterprise, and a % of profits is filtered into a health services for communities in need.


Nataly was awared in 2018 100 women of influence by Financial Review.

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