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DEPOSIT TAKEN...Agency on shared agency panels that receive federal government contracts opportunities. Listed seller on the shared Department of Infrastructure panel and Digital Marketplace.

Location Details

Agency that can operate from anywhere. We have made the start now you get to take it over or if your an IT Contractor to the Federal Government, you can put yourself through this company saving thousands in payroll tax and agency fees.


Receive IT contractor roles through the government panels then advertise to attract the right candidate. If your aready an IT Contractor to the federal government then going through this established company will save you payroll tax and paying another agency.

Reason for Sale

I was an IT Contractor and moved to a pemanent postion to allow more family time.

About the Business

All the hard work of setting up a business and being accepted on Federal Goverment panels has been done.

We are in the Digital Market Place and approved for:
- Agile delivery and Governance
- Software engineering and Development
- Strategy and Policy
- ICT systems integration
- Support and Operations

Also on the Department of Infrastructure Panel (SON3403954) for categories:
- Application Development (includes testing)
- Business & Systems Analysis
- Enterprise, Information & Application Architects
- Systems Integration
- Web Services
- Project Management

Between these 2 memberships we get notified about all the Government Contracting jobs to the Federal Government.

I will provide a Heads of Agreement or a Sales Memorandum when a sale is verbally agreed. I will also provide the information listed below to provide due diligence for the buyer and confirm there are no company liabilities. The sale will be the A1 Company in its entirety and will include all the company information including a list of contractors that we have dealt with and put forward for roles, domain name, email hosting arrangement (all paid for the next 2 years), recently renewed insurances, I will help setup/transfer email and ATO accounts, and can also train the buyer in responding to federal government market opportunities.

Company details and financials:
- Copy of all financial statements prepared;
- A copy of the current company constitution;
- Copy of minutes of meetings of Directors and members;
- Register of all contracts signed by the company currently in existence;

Warranties - I will insert a clause into the sale agreement for each one;
- Warranties and guarantees from seller/Director that all super is up to date, PAYG up to date, GST up to date ;
- Warranties and guarantees from seller/Director that the company is not subject to any legal proceedings or aware of any pending;
- Warranties and guarantees from seller/Director that the company has not been taken as security for any loans etc;
- Warranties and guarantees from seller/Director that there are no off balance sheet assets or liabilities;

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