A WORK / HEALTH / SAFETY must: Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing Unit for Sale

7 days ago

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BS8696Priced to sell at $88,000 (worth over $250,000). Operate as a Business or Deploy in your Own Operation: Mining Industry / Transport Industry / Fire and Safety / etc.

About the Business


Priced to sell at $88,000 (worth over $250,000). Operate as a Business or Deploy in your Own Operation: Mining Industry / Transport Industry / Fire and Safety / etc. Can be operational in Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne / Canberra

The Sale Includes a purpose built custom fit HINO Ranger-Pro 700 Series 4X4 Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing Unit.

Estimated current costs to fit out the truck would be $275,000 and $300,000.

*Drug & Alcohol use is costing Australian businesses $5.2 Billion a year in hidden lost productivity &
absenteeism. (* As per the TDDA Australia)

The Opportunity:

⁃ Construction Companies and Developers need to maintain safety standards, including the testing for Drug and Alcohol levels across all work sites.
⁃ Construction Companies have various liabilities and risks to contend with when it comes to work site safety.
⁃ Larger Corporates with higher than normal incidences of workplace injuries and incidence.
⁃ Larger Corporates lose productivity due to an Under the Influence workforce.
⁃ Fire Safety Businesses to include and expand on existing services.
⁃ Transport companies and Depots need to ensure they are doing what they can to keep operators and drivers alcohol and drug free.
⁃ Ex Police – Defence Force – Nurses to roll out services to an ever increasing workplace environment with zero tolerance to Drug and Alcohol usage during work hours.


• 14,000kms on the clock.
• Truck Presents as new.
• Custom fit out includes all equipment to be operational from day one.
• A one day course will give the operator the certification to administer mobile testing.
• Ever Increasing Demand for Services.
• Can be run as a stand alone business.
• Can be deployed internally to promote better Health and Safety in the workforce.
• No Legal Fees in the transfer of the Asset.
• No Contract Fees in the Transfer of the Asset.

The Truck will be transferred to the new owner fully inclusive of all Equipment and Fit out as per Inspection and Sales Memorandum.

An Excellent Investment for a Sole Operator in Business.
An add-on to Complimentary Services in an existing Business / Deploy internally to Promote Workforce Health and Safety.

Asking Price: $88,000 including all equipment and custom fit-out.

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