A New High-Tech Chain of Hologram Entertainment Centres

6 days ago

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A new sort of entertainment centre that uses lasers and hologram technology to make animals and artificial places appear all around the guests. Nothing like this has been seen before.


$70,000 pa

Location Details

You lease or purchase a space in a shopping centre or warehouses and other such public spaces could also be used. This space would be about 320m2 with at least one wall being more than 23m in length.

About the Opportunity

The Business
Hologram Zoo is made up of special equipment consisting of two enclosures that project multiple different hologram animals, a 19-metre hologram tunnel, and a holographic sky roof.
This equipment is very portable as it was originally created for travelling museum shows.
You buy the equipment and then either set it up as a permanent installation or take it travelling from place to place.
Customers visit the center and pay for the experience.
The experience lasts for around 30-40 minutes from when the customer enters to when they leave. There are many different hologram shows, so customers can visit multiple times for different experiences.

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-Brand new type of technology that has never been seen before.
-Was used in the Australian Museum’s hologram dinosaur show in Sydney.
-Highly profitable trials.
-Significant worldwide media attention so far (over 110 articles, including Wired and BBC).
-You can regularly change the content to keep people coming back.
-Five full 32 minute hologram shows already created with more being produced.
-Minimum staff required
-The parent company Axiom Holographics is a world leader in hologram technology and their customers include: Bentley, Airbus, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Four Seasons resort etc.

The price is $450k for the initial payment and then $70k as an annual fee.

The software is on license dongle devices and the licence is updated each year to continue operation. The licence will be updated each year when the next part payment is received.

Marketing support


Training provided



Public Trials
The first trial was in Brisbane over Christmas holidays. This was done in an old shopping centre with very little advertising and the centre made $240k in 38 days. It opened on the 10th of December and sold every ticket until Christmas before it even opened.
The second trial was the equipment being used for Sydney Museum’s Hologram Dinosaur Show. It made around $600k in 42 days, with weekends making over $24k a day.


Time Magazine Best Invention of 2023
2024 GOLD Edison Awards

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