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Tim Abberton
07 5557 8000

58/032 - Wild Game Meat Processors & Exporters


Includes 4 Australian Government Licensed Game Meat Processing Factories. Fully fitted out & are capable of processing 50tonnes of game meat per day. CAN BE USED AS A BEEF/LAMB MEAT PROCESSING CENTRE

Reason for Sale

The owners have been active in the industry since 1970 and are owners are the pioneers of the Australian Game Meat Industry.

About the Business

This business fully complements and supports the Australian commercial utilization of Kangaroos, regulated by the Australian Government and culled from areas of surplus animal population. Australia has 63 species of kangaroos and only five species are commercially harvested with a 2011 estimate exceeding 30million.

Kangaroo meat is regarded as one of the world's most nutritious available, it is very low in fat and high in protein.

The game plants process large numbers of wild boar which is also supported by the Australian Government and almost exclusively sold to European markets.

All four factories are EU accredited and processing is supervised by the world respected Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS).

All factories are strategically located in effective areas to minimise transport costs.

Kangaroo meat is sold extensively through Australia's major supermarket chains and is on the menu of many upmarket Australian restaurants. Available export markets include Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

China, Russia, and the Philippines are other potential markets for Kangaroo meat products, with the Australian Government actively seeking to finalise import arrangements with the governments of these three countries.

Kangaroo skins are a valuable by product of this game meat business. Part processed in Australia and mainly exported to Europe where they are valued for both high grade fashion and athletic footwear products.

The business has been built with a long history of unquestionable reputation of quality and reliability to all purchases.

There is an extensive network of 250 plus refrigerated depot chillers to collect carcasses throughout the states of New South Wales and Queensland.

Owners are prepared to assist in a sound transition handover period and with their obvious expertise of the industry would also be available in assisting with the on going operation as required and negotiated.

This is truly an outstanding opportunity to reap the rewards and success of an expanding industry. We invite both local and international investors and business migrants who are genuine and serious buyers to enquire without delay.

To be treated in total strict confidentiality

Price on application

The current market situation is poised to expand at an enormous growth pattern generating a dramatic turnover increase due to negotiations underway with potential export market.

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