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Selling Businesses

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Selling Businesses


Negotia is a Business Broking and Business Valuing Company focused on the small to medium enterprise market.

It believes in high-quality service provided by experienced industry practitioners.

The broad categories we can do work for you are:

  • Business Sales and Transfers
  • Business Appraisals and Business Valuations
  • Business Building and Profit Growth
  • Business Sales Preparations and Documentation
  • ‘DIY’ Business Sales for Business Owners

How we help you acquire a business

A person seeking to acquire a business needs the right advice and representation to achieve that outcome.

Our Negotia Brokers are experts at analysing and assessing businesses. The “due diligence process” we apply is thorough and unique to us.

The information and research gathered helps you to make an informed decision

As skilled negotiators, we are capable of handling the business agreements leading to successful sale outcomes

As a result buyers are confident in the knowledge they have made the right decision.

Are you thinking of selling your business?

Is it time to move on? Time to chase other life goals?

Whatever your motivation to sell, it’s imperative to be fully armed with crucial knowledge and information

The reason why business owners choose The Negotia Group is because we do things differently. We provide you with that vital knowledge and information, we have the skills and the drive to help you reach your goals

Our team of trusted brokers spend time listening and learning all the facets of your business. We explain where others simply guess and we do – where other make promises. We guide and inform from leading you through the technical requirements and the due diligence process a buyer will take, to ensuring you are fully aware of the obligatory information and legal demands that are made when selling.

For people who want to be fully informed, our brokers provide timely, accurate and unbiased advice and guidance… with access to a proven system that delivers optimum results. Business owners who place a high value on integrity and commitment; and need a strong communicative relationship are our strongest allies and our most successful clients


  • Commercial Enterprises
  • Acquisitions
  • Assessments of Value
  • Dispute Resolution

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Our business consultants

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Graham Long
Kevin Lovewell
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Kevin Lovewell

Locations serviced

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Regional QLD
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Queensland