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For many business owners, selling their business is a major life event in a potentially complex field.

We aim to make the experience as trouble free as possible, avoiding the many pitfalls by advising, planning, anticipating and overcoming obstacles that may arise.

Having an awesome team, database and systems are essential for sustained success in this field. We have continuously invested in and refined these for more than 16 years to achieve great results for our clients.


Our national advisor network and marketing and admin support team apply a well refined and proven 6 Step Process to achieve great results for our clients.

The 6 Process Steps are:
Business Preparation, Document Preparation, Marketing, Negotiating, Terms Agreed and Contract to Completion.

Businesses are marketed to strategic buyers at the top of the business food chain, being those who seek and recognise the strategic value in businesses and who have the motivation and capacity to acquire them.

They are generally Australian and international listed and unlisted entities. These buyers are already on our proprietary M&A database, where we track not only their details, but also their acquisition aspirations.


Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac is regularly engaged by private equity groups and local & overseas listed companies seeking acquisition targets in specific industries. The approach from Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac is designed to bring these targeted business owners forward to the market. Targets companies are already on our proprietary M&A database, where we track not only their details, but also their divestment aspirations.


Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac provides expert advice throughout the process. Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac's team of chartered accountants and other industry executives have a wealth of experience in corporate advisory, business management and transactions. They are complemented by an experienced, capable marketing and support team.


Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac's primary source of new business is referrals. More than 85% of clients are referred by accountants, other business professionals and former clients.

Clients include business owners, private equity groups, and local and overseas listed companies seeking acquisition targets in specific industries.

Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac markets businesses nationally and globally, and also sources acquisition targets using the same marketing resources.

Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac's target market is businesses with Enterprise Values (EV's) $1-$50M+. The buyer network comprises public companies, private equity firms, medium and large private companies in the same industry and private investors.


Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac's experience is that direct marketing is the most cost effective and efficient way to reach targets. Accordingly, Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac has developed a highly effective integrated M&A direct marketing system.

Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac has invested millions of dollars over more than 15 years building the database, systems and procedures, templates, expertise and credibility to enable you to hit the ground running and capitalise on the market opportunity.

The primary source of purchasers is Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac's proprietary database. The database has been developed and tailored to a defined market, specifically for the M&A market throughout Australia and New Zealand. The database comprises medium and large Aus & NZ companies, active buyers, accountants, lawyers, finance industry contacts and immigration agents.

The database is constantly being expanded and updated and contains more than 190,000 qualified entries, classified according to SIC (Standard Industry Classification) codes, line of business and other key criteria.

The database is much more than a collection of names and contact numbers. It is enriched by more than 15 years' of daily M&A activity and continuous updating with the latest market intel and stated and implied aspirations of subscribers. More than 90 data elements across relevent industries provide the basis for accurate database interrogation. Complex search and filtering algorithms drive careful selection of the right targets for each business opportunity.

The database's structure allows for ready identification and targeting of prospective purchasers and is understood to be one of the best sources of business intelligence available.


Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac operates nationally and has a network of member firms and business partners. Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac's primary source of new business is referrals. More than 85% of clients are referred by former clients, accountants and other business professionals.


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'"I have worked with Tony and the Supertrac team on a number of complicated, high pressure, and high value transactions. Tony works harder than anyone I have met in the M&A space and is single minded in getting the job done in the most efficient manner to get the best results for his clients. I thoroughly recommend Tony and Supertrac to any mature business person looking to dispose of, merge or grow their business."'
'“…From ‘First Class’ IM presentation through to marketing, negotiations and closure, I had much peace of mind all along the way with the Supertrac Team running the show. My pharmaceutical business was, more than most businesses, a complicated sale, and these guys delivered in full and far exceeded my expectations…”'
'“Simply ‘outstanding’ service. The professional conduct & cooperation of all the staff, at all times, showed their dedication to get the job done….. nobody is better. I am pleased I chose Supertrac!”'