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Hello there! And welcome to CENTRAL BUSINESS BROKERS!

If you are looking to for honest and straight-talking brokers to help you find the right business for you, you have certainly come to the right place!

But have in mind that CENTRAL has come to the market with a completely new proposition and a refreshingly new approach: we do not want to just be your "brokers" throughout this process, we want to be your PARTNERS!

Plain and simple: because we do not want to be your brokers throughout this process - we want to be your partners!

We have absolutely no intention of simply selling you a business by telling you whatever we think you want to hear and then saying: "Good luck, now deal with it!”.

We believe that presenting, exploring and understanding the weaknesses or difficulties of each business out there (which every business has!) is not a bad thing nor should it be kept a secret from you! We strongly believe that by approaching these in an honest and upfront manner, we will provide you with a true vision of how to better the business, how to overcome its challenges and how to soar to new heights!

We also believe that presenting the potential buyer with information about the business' core strengths is not about a sale pitch, rather, it is about giving you the opportunity to maintain and cultivate these core strengths and keep the high standards the previous owner has achieved!

Yes, we work for the Vendor, but we RESPECT the BUYER. Why? Aside from ethical considerations, there is also the fact that this new buyer may one day choose to retire or move on to something else and will then become a Vendor himself!

Being efficient encompasses a truly large number of aspects - those we know fully well and pursue them relentlessly! All under strict confidential standards, as is routine in our offices.

But that’s not all!

When the time comes for us to provide you with the service, you can rest assured we will have done our homework and will understand the finances of this company, so we can provide you with a thorough and comprehensive view of what is being offered and what can be achieved!

Anything Else?

Oh, yes! We also provide Potential Business Buyers with the support to seek outside financial assistance (e.g, loans) should this be required. Through associated firms, we are able to expedite a part of the acquisition process that is often troublesome.

Everyone's time is valuable, so we endeavour in every way to facilitate all matters, without ever compromising on the quality of the service provided.

Are we different? You bet!!!

"100% serious, 100% confidential"

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