Site improvements


Exciting improvements are coming up for SEEK Business categories, making it easier to match business seekers to the right opportunities.


Industry categories

Some industry names have been updated and some are completely new. Note that the Industry list is also order differently, with sub-headings, making it easier for business seekers to locate their suitable industry.

Updated Industry Categories

Here is the list of the Industries you will see in the Advertiser Centre, when creating or editing your ads. 

New Business and Franchise Industries

You will see the new industries when you create or edit your ads in the Advertiser Centre, but searching the new industries will be available from mid-December. Until then, we will show your ads in the relevant searches under the current industries.


How do old and new industries relate?

You will notice that the majority of industries have simply been renamed to better describe the industry, while some have not changed at all. 

Here are the Industries that have not changed:

  • Accommodation & Tourism
  • Aged Care & Retirement
  • Agriculture & Primary Services
  • Automotive & Marine
  • Children's Products & Services
  • Master Franchises
  • Retail - Discount & Variety Stores
  • Retail - Food Outlets
  • Retail - Newsagency & Post Office
  • Vending

Here are the Industries that have been renamed, but have the same meaning, so it is unlikely that you will need to change your Industry for these ads. However we still recommend that you check the new Industries and see if there is a new industry that better fits your ads:

  • Building, Construction & Maintenance  -> Building & Construction
  • Business & Professional Services -> Business Services
  • Education & Training -> Education, Coaching & Training
  • Manufacturing & Wholesale -> Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution
  • Mortgage Broker & Finance -> Mortgage & Finance
  • Pet care -> Pet products & services
  • Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs -> Pubs, Bars & Clubs
  • Real Estate & Property -> Real Estate, Property & Relocation
  • Retail - Book, Music & Video -> Books, Stationery & DVDs
  • Retail - Convenience & Grocery -> Convenience, Grocery & Liquor stores
  • Retail - Fashion & Accessories -> Fashion
  • Retail - Gifts, Florists & Variety Stores -> Gifts & Florists
  • Retail - Household Goods & Furniture -> Homewares & furniture
  • Security Services & Safety Products -> Safety & Security
  • Telco, Computer & Internet -> Telecommunications & Internet
  • Transport, Distribution & Storage -> Transport & Storage
  • Retail - Other -> Specialty Retail

Pay attention if you used to post your ads in one of the below Industries
, as now there may be other industries that are suitable:

Beauty, Health & Fitness  
In the new search in December your ad will show under Hair, Beauty & Spa, so make sure you check if the new industries of Health & Medical or Sport, OR Fitness & Adventure are more suitable

Domestic Services
In the new search in December your ad will show under Cleaning, so make sure you check if the new industries of Garden, pool & outdoor maintenance OR Green & Eco friendly are more suitable.

Restaurants & Cafes
In the new search in December your ad will show under Coffee, Cafes & Restaurants, so make sure you check if the new industries of Takeaway & Casual Dining, OR Catering & Events are more suitable.

In the new search in December your ad will show under Entertainment & Amusement, so make sure you check if the new industry Catering & Events is more suitable.

NEW! Business Types


They key drivers for people to purchase a business are lifestyle factors.  When we presented this concept to business seekers we got overwhelmingly positive response. This will be a new search option for business seekers. You can now select these lifestyle factors when creating or editing an ad, so that it can appear when it matches the criteria selected by the business seeker.

 Business type

Selecting business types is optional, and you can select any that apply. Here are some guidelines to help work out whether these attributes apply to your opportunity:

  • Monday to Friday – your business only operates on these days. It means there is no weekend work required.
  • Part time – the time required to operate the business is less than 40 hours per week. This could be part time during the week, or a weekend business for example.
  • Work from home – the business can be operated from home, which means there is no requirement for the business owners to run a shop or business from a fixed location.
  • Van / mobile – these are typically mobile businesses such as mobile coffee vans, mobile servicing businesses and similar.
  • Shop / fixed location – the business has a fixed location such as a shop or office
  • Business to business (B2B) – the business primarily services business industry rather than consumer.

Please note that you won't see your Business Type displayed anywhere in your ad until mid-December 2013. The Business Type search will also be available from mid-December. 

Updates to Location fields

New location fields and improved location search is being put in place so business seekers searching in a particular suburb or town will be able to find you more easily. If you don’t have a specific location or your business services a region/territory, that’s ok – we have an option for you too.

You can now choose from 4 location options:

  • Fixed location – specify your suburb, town or postcode. Street address is optional.
  • Unknown location/greenfield – if you have no specific location, choose a capital city or regional area.
  • Territory/region – if your business operates across multiple areas, select this option. You can choose from the capital city or regional areas.
  • Overseas – if the opportunity is within New Zealand or the rest of the world, select an option here.

Names of the regional areas have also been updated. There is no longer 'Vic - Other' or 'NSW - Other' etc. But they are now called 'Regional Victoria' or 'Regional NSW'. However, the area covered by the new names remains the same.

Please note that you won't see your Territory/Region displayed anywhere in your ad until mid-December 2013. 

 Have questions? Need to know more? 

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